French Open
04-08-2002, 12:25 PM
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French Open

Does anyone know if the BBC will televise the French Open in May? I haven't seen anything in the press about it, and was just wondering if anyone had any ideas??

Also, has anyone had more info/tickets on the Liverpool tournament that Gorans appearing in in June? I emailed my details ages ago, and have heard nothing yet?

Good to see Goran helping Croatia win the doubles....maybe we'll see him in some singles matches soon!!!

Bye for now

04-11-2002, 08:48 AM
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French Open
Hi Gorangirl,

U'll be lucky if they televised the French open on the bbc! I very much doubt it altho who knows, it will probably be on digital/sky/cable whatever which is no use to me! The bbc only ever show Wimbeldon, of course, Stella Artois, Britian's Davis cup matches and other minor tournaments taking place in England. Mayb if Tim Henman was in the semi-final/final at the French they would defo show it on bbc but i doubt that'll happen either.

Yes brilliant that Goran won the doubes with his partner, shame Croatia lost tho 2-3 :(

Cheesecake :)

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