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I'm the webmistress of this site. I'll keep my info short because the site is about Goran, not me;)

I'm not some crazed fan. I admire Goran - for many reasons. His self belief, his undying passion for his country, his talent, his determination, his mischievous ways. He makes tennis interesting and adds character to the game. You can't deny he is a good lookin' guy though

An article written by BBC Sports Rob Bonnet sums it all up perfectly for me really...

"And I'll tell you why I love him. I love him for the sheer purity of his ambition, the wonderment and joy he feels at his success, and his message that sport can utterly and absolutely fulfil.
I love him for the contrast that he offers to Wimbledon and the stuffiness of its traditions.
I love him for the genuine passion of his personality, for the love he shows to his native Croatia and for the courage which allows him also to love a Serb.
I love him for his natural honesty.
And I love him because in absorbing his own very personal moment of triumph, he almost immediately shared it around again."

You can read the whole article by clicking here.

My interests in life include my country - Scotland, music (I really don't think I could live without music) - of all varities although Guns N' Roses are my favorite band , travel, politics (sad huh!) & kick boxing.

Peace and love,

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You know that it would make me more than sad
Caledonia's been everything I've ever had'