Goran Ivanisevic
One of the most endearing things about Goran, is his views and outlooks on matches and life in general.
Over the next few pages are some of my favourite 'Goran Quotes'!

'I'm Genius'
~Goran, Wimbledon 2001 after beating Tim Henman

"I was down to just one pair of shoes and asked my manager to get me some extra, but they didn't arrive yet," he said. "I don't know what I'm going to do, but in any case, I must play a lot better if I want to win tomorrow."
~Goran, after he broke one shoe during his match, and didn't have a spare

"I might play in another final there and don't want that stupid (runner's up) plate for a fourth time. I am going to win Wimbledon one day -- even if it is the over 40s doubles ..."

A reporter asked Ivanisevic whether his Tuesday loss to Byron Black could be attributed to jetlag incurred as a result of flying from Los Angeles to Montreal. Ivanisevic responded: "No, my brain is jet lagged for the last eight months."

`I was pretty nice to the racket all last week. I was surprised how easy it broke. Maybe there is something wrong with it, or I'm too strong.''
-- After breaking his racket against Kafelnikov in the 1995 Wimbledon QF

"I played so bad. It hurts ... At this moment, I could break all my rackets and quit tennis.'' -- On Palm Springs, California

These 5 quotes are from Wimbledon - 1998 Goran Ivanisevic about his year and lack of confidence:
'"There was nothing to try. I started good this year. I won Split with a lot of pressure in my home town and then after that, it just was downhill, every week down, down, down and I just tried to hang in there. It was not easy. Every time I was hoping I was going to get better and then at the French I was okay and suddenly lost first round again. But I did a good thing: I kept my mind, I said okay, you cannot go so long without a win. You just cannot feel sorry for yourself, because when I start to feel sorry for myself it is bad. I was just pushing and pushing and now it is paying off.'

Ivanisevic on Croatia's chances to win the World Cup:
'If they would win? I don't know. It would be great. I think the whole country would be drunk for the rest of the year, including me and the rest of the team. We would celebrate. I would put the racquets in the closet and just come back next year...'

On his tatoo:
'My tatoo is a cross, a rose and a shark. A cross is a cross, a rose like love and a shark is a pretty tough animal. It hurts a lot. I did not know it was going to hurt so much when I got it, but now it is okay. I did it in Key Biscayane this year. I wanted it on the shoulder, but then the guy said,"It is going to be a little stiff", so I was scared, if I could play. So I said,"Okay, put it on the back.'

Goran IvanisevicOn Superstition:
'I never change anything during the tournament. Maybe afterwards I will shave again. I also have two songs that I listen to every day before I leave the house and we have six showers in the locker room. So each day I pick the same one. If it is occupied, I wait.'

Question: You are looking more and more like Jesus...
Goran: Maybe that is why I play good, you know.
Question:There was a close call and you said 'God'. Do you always talk to God?
Goran:It is nice to talk to him. He is always watching so why not talk?

'My main goal is to try to win a Grand Slam and get back to the top 10, where I think I deserve to be,' he said. When I asked which goal would be more difficult to attain, he replied candidly, 'The first one'.

My father always telling me, īdonīt play basketball, donīt play football, donīt play tennis, and donīt play this,īand then last year I am going out of my apartment and I close the door over my finger and break it three places. I was home for six weeks.

'This is what I have waited for all my life'
~After winning Wimbledon 2001

'I'm still going to hit my 20 or 30 aces if I'm mentally OK. It doesn't matter about the balls. They can put water balls out there or whatever they want. You can't slow the game here. It's grass, it's always going to be fast. If you want slow tennis, go to the French. You will see plenty of slow tennis. Don't come here to watch if you want slow tennis.'
-- After defeating Jonathan Stark in the 2R of Wimbledon 1995

'The trouble with me is that every match I play against five opponents: umpire, crowd, ball boys, court, and myself.'

'I am very superstitious. For example, when we have a change-over on court, I always try to make sure that I am the first one to get up.' 'If I am not, I tell myself that I am not allowed to step on any lines. But I also have certain things I do off-court. For example, after I won a match at a tournament I tried to repeat everything I did the day I won, before my next match. I ate the same food, I went to the same restaurant etc. Sometimes it got very boring.' 'When I won Rotterdam in 1996, for example, I had dinner (steak and salad) at a restaurant on Sunday night before the tournament. I won my first round match and then went back to the restaurant, sat at the same table, had the same food. I won the tournament and I was very happy, but the best thing was that I could finally eat something else after a week of steak and salat for dinner.'

'I hit a lot of forehands because my backhand was like roulette. I did not know where it is going. It is like my golf. I never know where the ball goes.'
~Goran after losing to Karol Kucera in the final in New Haven

'It is like a good car. If you do not put oil in the engine blows. I have to put some oil in now so that I can serve.'
~Goran on his sore shoulder

'I cannot cheer anybody now, I can only kill myself.'
Said Goran Ivanisevic, facetiously, after his Wimbledon loss on whether he will go to France to cheer for croatia in the World Cup semifinals.

'With me everything is dangerous. A walk is dangerous. In Austraila I was in the boxing ring having fun and a guy hit me with the elbow and i got four stitches. With me itīs dangerous even when I sleep. I can fall out off the bed. I have some parts of the years when Iīm dangerous to myself. Itīs boring for me to stay without injury.'

Goran IvanisevicThe next 4 quotes are from The Croatioan Indoors - 1998

'I don't know what happened, the guy is a half recreative player! This is the worst thing that could happen. I was preparing a whole week just for this tournament. I thought I was in a good shape, and on the court I show - nothing.'
~Goran converted only 2 of 14 chances for break...

'There is no chance that he breaks my serve in normal conditions. He played well, nothing special. Every time when I had an oportunnity to break him, I did - NOTHING. I just waited. I am waiting whole my life, and it seems I just cannot get what I am waiting for. I get some crazy ideas of how should I play some point during the match, but none of this actions is not calculated. Insetead of pushing the ball, I just might as well launched a few on the road, it would be the same...
This is really awful! Who knows when will Martelli win some serious match after this one?
Maybe on some satellite or challenger...'

'In my last five Grand Slam tournaments, only once I past the first round, last years wimbledon - I beat Peascariu. OK, last year in Paris I lost to Gustafsson who is good on clay. Then I lost to Norman in Wimbledon, who never again will win a match on grass. At US OPEN- even worse, I lost to Pescariu. In Australia to Siemerink, which is not so bad, but this lose to Martelli is just one of my "pearls" in a row. When I think of 1996, then everything went in, and nowIi play the same but the results are geting worse.. I even don't know what is my tennis anymore. On grass and indoors I play serve and volley. On hard courts I play on the baseline and cofide myself in my winner grandstrokes, and on clay I just seems to get into 'kicking mode'. I don't know what I should change and should I change anything...'

How about grass?
'Oh heck, I am fed up with grass, I am fed up of everything. I gotta get together with myself, calm down a bit. I still play in paris, in doubles with Mark, who is my good friend. We are ambitious about this torunament. Maybe after that things will look a bit better. At least I hope so. 'Cos the worse cannot get...'

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