30 December 2001

Added a new article about Gorans Wimbledon win in July of 2001.

You can read it here:
Wildcard Ivanesevic Enters Pantheon of Heroes

27 December 2001

I've added 2 new articles. They are as follows:

Ivanisevic Talks, but Serve Talks Louder
How Goran came from nowhere to win Wimbledon

I've also added 4 pictures to Gallery 6

I'm not sure where the one on the right came from or if it is indeed a photograph or a drawing, but it has certainly been one of the more intersting pictures that has come to my attention recently!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported, and contributed to, Goran Online through out 2001 and to wish you all a happy, prosperous and safe 2002.

24 December 2001

One major change of the site is I now have my new server up and running which means I can put the domain name www.goranonline.com to full use.
Please note that this is the new url: http://www.goranonline.com

Everything should run faster and I can now receive e-mails again. Don't forget to update your book marks!

I have added a mailing list page - making it easier to find where to join the list.

Happy holidays to all Goran fans around the world, hope its a good one.


15 December 2001
Important Notice!

I'm in the middle of changing servers so there may be some problems on the site. Also I won't be able to receive
e-mails at my e-mail address for the next couple of weeks - if you need to e-mail me about anything please leave a message on the message board and I shall contact you.

15 December 2001

Added 4 new pictures of the 'georgeous one' to Gallery 6 taken today during an oath ceremony at the Borongaj barracks in Zagreb. Mouse over on the 4 new pictures supply more details.

10 December 2001

Added 2 new pictures to Gallery 6.

Added a link on the downloads page, where you can watch Goran at the Sports Personality of the Year Awards.

4 December 2001

Added a link to Julie's Goran Ivanisevic Page.
Great site - go and visit it!

3 December 2001

I've added a mailing list to the site, it can be found at the bottom of the main page.
By signing up you get all the latest Goran news and updates on what is happening at Goran Online :)

30 November 2001

Added 2 pictures to Gallery 6 from an article I found at bbc.co.uk regarding Goran joining the army.
One is a picture of Goran in the army and the other is from Wimbledon 2001.

I've added the article to the articles section of the site.

Clicking here takes you directly to the article ;)

Goran Ivanisevic 29 November 2001

Added 3 pictures to Gallery 6 of Goran, who started his 6 months compulsory military service yesterday - 28 November 2001

18 November 2001

Added another 2 pictures to Gallery 6.

16 November 2001

Added another 3 pictures to Gallery 6 from the Tennis Masters Cup in Sydney November 16, 2001.

15 November 2001

Added another 2 pictures to Gallery 6, again of Goran's match against Yevgeny Kafelnikov of Russia in the Tennis Masters Cup in Sydney November 15, 2001.

15 November 2001
Gallery 6

I have just opened Gallery 6 with 3 pictures from Goran's match against Yevgeny Kafelnikov of Russia in the Tennis Masters Cup in Sydney November 15, 2001.

13 November 2001

Added 3 pictures to Gallery 5 of Goran during his win over Gustavo Kuerten of Brazil in the Tennis Masters Cup in Sydney November 13, 2001.

11 November 2001

Added 2 pictures to Gallery 5 taken at Sydney Harbour Bridge November 11, 2001, before a media conference for the season-ending Masters Cup tournament.

9 November 2001

I changed the front page today. Might make it a regular thing, there's certainly plenty of great Goran pics to choose from, almost make's it impossible to decide which one to use ;)

Goran Ivanisevic 7 November 2001 [12:30]

Added a gorgeous pic of our main man to Gallery 5
Taken while listening to a question from the media during the draw for the Masters Tennis tournament in central Sydney November 7, 2001. The elite eight-man tennis tournament starting November 12 with total prize money of $3.7 million will decide who ends the year as the top-ranked player in men's tennis.
Source: yahoo.com

7 November 2001 [10:30]

Archieved the October news so the news page will be quicker to load again. ;)

1 November 2001
Goran Online Message Board

I'm pleased to announce that I finally have the message board up!
Feel free to post, there are 2 different forums and you don't need to be registered if you don't want to be ;)
You can find the link on the main page, or you can click here!

1 November 2001

Added a picture to Gallery 5 of Goran at the Paris Masters tennis tournament at Bercy stadium, Paris Tuesday Oct. 30, 2001.

26 October 2001

Goran fan Petra, who has sent me articles and pictures from time to time, has decided to set up her own web site, with translations from Croation newspapers regarding Goran from 1992 to present day. She also has her own pictures, taken at matches she has attended!

You can check it out by going to the links page or by clicking here!

25 October 2001

Added a link to Tennis4you

05 October 2001

Just did a general tidy up of the site today, making sure everything was in order, that kinda thing :)
Added a bit more contact info to the contact page

Goran Ivanisevic26 September 2001

Found some nice pictures of Goran at sportfiles.com which I hadn't seen before :)

Visit sportfiles.com

24 September 2001

Added one new picture to Gallery 5 of Goran winning the World Group qualifying round of the Davis Cup for Croatia, in Rome Sunday, Sept. 23, 2001.

23 September 2001

I split the news archive into months so its quicker for the pages to load ;)

19 September 2001

Added 6 'older' pictures I found at mamma.com to Gallery 5
Also added an article from 2000:
Goran's dream still alive

15 September 2001

Added a new picture to Gallery 5 of Goran at the launch of the Croatian stamps with his picture on them.

3 September 2001

Added 5 new pictures to Gallery 5 of Goran at the US Open on Sunday (02.09.01).

Goran Ivanisevic Stamps 1 September 2001

Added 8 new pictures to Gallery 5 of Goran at the US Open on Friday (31.08.01).

Also added pictures of new Croatian stamps which Goran features on

30 August 2001

Added 7 new pictures to Gallery 5 of Goran at the US Open on Wednesday (29.08.01).

28 August 2001

Added a selection of picture postcards which you can send to your friends - whatever the occasion!
Downloads Page
You can also receive your postcard on this page if you have been sent one!

26 August 2001

Added 2 articles from 1990 to the articles section.
Great Expectations
Split Personality

Thanks to Jenny for typing them up and sending them in!

24 August 2001

Added an article with pictures from a very interesting underwater photo shoot Goran did recently!
The photo's will be part of an exhibition this Fall. Direct link: underwater photo shoot article
The pictures have also been added to Gallery 5
Thanks again to Petra ;)

Goran Ivanisevic Wallpaper 24 August 2001

Recently added a wallpaper to the downloads section, available in 3 sizes - 640 x 480, 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768.

They can be found in the download section of the web site.
Clicking the picture will also take you there.

21 August 2001

Added an interview with Mario Tudor, Goran's Wimbledon Trainer
I would like to thank Petra for sending in the interview.
Here is the direct link to it:
Mario Interview