25 April 2002

Added a new picture to Gallery 7
Thanks to Petra

25 April 2002

Added 3 new pictures to Gallery 7

11 April 2002

I'm proud to announce Goran Online is a Golden Web Award Winner for 2002 - 2003! :) You can see the award on the main page.

Added a new picture to Gallery 7

8 April 2002

Added a new picture to Gallery 7 of Goran, taken yesterday (7 April)

7 April 2002

Added a 4th page of Goran quotes. Click here to read them.

Archived the March news today. To read it click here.

7 April 2002

I've joined the Top 50 Sport Sites, I'm in the tennis section (obviously!).
If you think my site is worthy of it you can vote for it by clicking the pic below, which is also on the front page. Thanks!

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31 March 2002

Added 3 new links to the links page.
They are:

Lleyton Hewitt Online
Andy Roddick Online
Jan-Michael Gambill Online

31 March 2002

I've decided to have 2 different kind of images in the articles & interviews section of the site. From now on
Indicates an interview
Indicates an article.

27 March 2002

Added a new article from Deuce Magazine...

With his father suffering chest pains on match point and his mother too nervious to watch, Goran Ivanisevic crossed the thin line between disaster and triumph to break his Wimbledon hoodoo. Now he is simply known as "The No. 1 Croat."...[ click to read more ]

24 March 2002

I've added a new article from the Nasdaq-100 Open 2002

'And I was hoping, you know, yesterday was okay play. But today it was not good. I mean, the doctor told me it's a lottery. It's a lottery which one week can be good, three weeks can be bad. And that's why I didn't want to operate last year, because I thought with the amount of pain I had last year I could survive another year. But I was not thinking it was going to be worse, which it is...'[ click to read more ]

20 March 2002

You will have noticed by now that the main page has a new layout.
I am interested in your thoughts and opinions on the look, good and bad!

You can e-mail me your views ( contact form ), leave a message on the fan forum or in the guest book or if you would prefer you can just vote in the poll I'm running on the main page.

In the mean time there is a new pic in Gallery 7 of Goran from Wimbledon 2001 (roll on Wimbledon 2002!).

Thanks for your time and I hope you like the new look!

16 March 2002

I've been pretty busy all week, but have just updated the news section with the weeks happenings.

New stories include:

King Goran set to quit?

Ivanisevic's tennis debut in Liverpool under threat

Ivanisevic pulls out of Masters with sore shoulder

Goran wants to serve despite bad shoulder

16 March 2002

I've added some new pictures to the greeting cards page, and fixed the broken links. Just realised today they were still being stored on my old server so they weren't showing up. Opps! ;)

16 March 2002

Added 2 new articles from Compaq Grand Slam Cup - December 1992, they are:

He was like kind of idol for me because he had the same way of playing like temperament on the court. That was my dream to play him once or meet him once...[ click to read more ]

This year was my best year by far and I am very pleased the way I play, but I lost two most important matches in my life this year...[ click to read more ]

13 March 2002

Added a new article from December 1992:

Sure, there is more than tennis. I am a little bit sick of the -- not sick, but you can have time that you want to do other things. I cannot do family because family, kids and dog, but I can go out with some friends and do some other sports, what I like, because I am interested in all the other sports, soccer, basketball, so I like to change a little bit... [ Read More ] 13 March 2002

Archieved the site news from January and February 2002 ;)

27 February 2002

New article been added to the 2002 section, from The Times.

'I donít have any idea what Iím doing,' Ivanisevic said. 'I donít know when to stay back or when to come in. Iím playing without too much confidence and I donít know why.' The thought that he had gone through this before provided little by way of comfort, either... [read more]

23 February 2002

I've added a new article from January this year:

"I now feel I can win every match I play now because of winning Wimbledon last year. It put me back on the track of winning and playing good tennis...[read more]

23 February 2002

I've added 3 new pictures to Gallery 7. Thanks to Petra for allowing me to use them on the site.

22 February 2002

I've changed the picture on the main page (as you may have noticed :p) I have added a search engine to the site. This will search exclusively through my site and find what in particular you are looking for, go and give it a try!
I've also given the main page a general tidy up because its been bugging me for a little while =)

18 February 2002

I've added a site map page to the site. You can find it near the bottom of the home page, or you can click here to view it ;)

16 February 2002

Goran Online has now had over 10,000 visitors! I really can't believe it. Thanks to all of you who have visited.

11 February 2002

I've added 2 new pictures to Gallery 7 from yesterdays Davis Cup match.

10 February 2002

I was just browsing around the Wimbledon web site today and realised (which some of you may already know) that the classic match of last summer - Goran v Patrick, is now available to buy on video.
You can can check it out at the Wimbledon Shop
Also if anyone is interested in buying Goran posters you can do so at:
totalposter.com they had 4 posters when I last checked, in various sizes, but they seemed a bit on the expensive side.
I've added both these links to the links page.

10 February 2002

I've added 2 new pics to Gallery 7 from todays Davis Cup match.

10 February 2002

Added 2 links to interviews from the Davis Cup to the Audio & Visual Interviews page.

9 February 2002

I've added a new pic to Gallery 7 of todays match.

9 February 2002

I've archived Januarys news, and added a new pic to Gallery 7 from yesterdays match ;)

3 February 2002

I've added some information on Goran's tattoo to the Goran Ivanisevic Misc. Info page

2 February 2002

I've added 3 pictures to Gallery 7
and I've added 5 new articles to the site

From 2000:
'This court is better for me because it's fast. But he is a tough opponent, I can lose to him,' he said. 'I can do well, but I can also lose.'...[click to read more]

From 2001:
Definitely not normal. Serving for match point today at Louis Armstrong Stadium against Hugo Armando, Ivanisevic paused a moment to acknowledge the crowd. "To have fun," he said, explaining why he did that...[click to read more]

I never saw so many people watching me first round. I said, "What's going on here?" I was like, "Wow." Then I was very nervous...[click to read more]

I could do there what I wanted. I even stripped. I don't think nobody stripped in front of 150,000 people. I'm the only guy there...[click to read more]

I don't know. I was also not scared, but when I had my tattoo, what is my father going to say to me...[click to read more]

29 January 2002

I've changed the layout of the links page.

Hope you all like it!

28 January 2002

I've added 17 (!) new articles, they are as follow:

1990: Goran Ivanisevic roared and spun around in a circle, gored by the invisible bull. It was the third straight call in the third set that had gone against him...[click to read more]

1992: Those who say that Goran only has the serve may seem vindicated by this match. He threw in over 200 aces for the tournament, and nearly forty in this match alone...[click to read more]

1994: He has a lovely way of expressing himself. When you ask him about a plan to speed up matches, he explains: "Good. I like to play fast...[click to read more]

1996 No, I was very cool. Surprised, I think, everybody there kept even when I serve there -- because I played not great tennis; I served good, but I did not play well...[click to read more]


And there still was the press conference before Ivanisevic could settle in with the soccer game. Told then that Croatia was leading, 1-0, Ivanisevic did his best Beavis imitation, saying, "Good . . . hey, hey, hey...[click to read more]

The great tragedy of Goran Ivanisevic's life is that he was never painted by Toulouse-Lautrec. His appearance, now more louche than ever, is of a forgotten symbolist poet shortly before last orders at Le Tambourin cafe in Paris in the late 1880s, with his seventeenth glass of absinthe beside him and Vincent already passed out at his feet...[click to read more]

'Yeah, somebody that is a little shorter, so when he hits me in the head it will be more in the chest,' Ivanisevic said, smiling despite the blood still dripping down his face during a news conference...[click to read more]


Three-time Wimbledon finalist Goran Ivanisevic provided the firepower on court to beat 13th-seeded Frenchman Cedric Pioline at the Australian Open on Tuesday, and then supplied the laughs off it...[click to read more]

Even in the tempestuous career of Goran Ivanisevic, being forced to withdraw from a tournament because he had smashed all his rackets is a first...[click to read more]


Goran Ivanisevic battled back to beat Germany's Nicolas Kiefer in the Milan indoor tournament on Wednesday...[click to read more]

Yeah. I had to be careful because there were a lot of ballboys there, to aim it. I wanted to throw it harder. I say, "Man, be careful because a lot of traffic there. If you hit somebody, you going to be escorted out of the court and pay big fine."...[click to read more]

Goran Ivanisevic a three-time Wimbledon finalist, might have another run in him as he shoots for his first title...[click to read more]

Goran Ivanisevic's timing may be a little off kilter these days as the three-time Wimbledon finalist sinks lower in the world rankings, but the Croatian's comic timing is as sharp as ever...[click to read more]

The biblical tresses were cut off long ago but yesterday, as Goran Ivanisevic returned to Croatia, he looked every inch a messiah...[click to read more]

10 more things you need to know about Goran Ivanisevic...[click to read more]

Before and after Wimbledon - the inside story of how Ivanisevic prepared for glory by taking a month off from tennis to watch his favourite football team. Next season, he'll play for them...[click to read more]

The Croatian does not so much wear his heart on his sleeve as tear it out, drape it across the net and let it leak all over us...[click to read more]

27 January 2002

I've changed the layout of the articles & interviews pages slightly, giving you more information on the article/interview before clicking the links. I'm also working on quite a few articles, which I hope to put online this week and next.

24 January 2002

I've added 6 new articles to the site. They are:

From 1996 - At the end of last year, Goran Ivanisevic's career was at a crossroads. One path led to success, another to oblivion...[click to read more]

From 1997 - Goran Ivanisevic won the quickest final in ATP Tour history Sunday, making short work of Sergi Bruguera...[click to read more]

From 1999 - Top seed Goran Ivanisevic of Croatia fought off the challenge of fellow southpaw Greg Rusedski of Great Britain to capture his second consecutive Croatian Indoors tennis title Sunday...[click to read more]

Goran Ivanisevic blasted world number two Yevgeny Kafelnikov out of the Swiss Indoor championships Friday, hammering 29 aces past the Russian...[click to read more]

From 2000 - There was a Davis Cup doubles tie to be settled at Fitzwilliam but most had come to watch one player...[click to read more]

From 2001 - Ivanisevic reaches semis, but likely to miss Australian Open after surgery...[click to read more]

22 January 2002

I've added a tournament page, giving you the dates of when Goran is scheduled to play in 2002. You can find it by clicking on the news page or by clicking here

19 January 2002

Added 9 pictures to Gallery 7

18 January 2002

Added an interview Goran did after his defeat at the Australian Open on the 16 January.


You can also watch the interview in the Audio & Visual Interviews page

17 January 2002

4 new pictures have been added to Gallery 7

16 January 2002

1 new picture has been added to Gallery 6 and I have now opened gallery Gallery 7 with 4 new pictures.
Goran Online now has over 300 Goran photos!
So in total 5 new pictures have been added all from his match against Jerome Golmard today (16 January)

15 January 2002

1 new picture has been added to Gallery 6

14 January 2002

1 new picture has been added to Gallery 6

7 articles have been added to the site, 5 following Goran through Wimbledon 2001 and 2 from today after winning against Martin Damm in the Australian Open.

Wimbledon 2001 - Day 1
Wimbledon 2001 - Day 3
Wimbledon 2001 - Day 5
Wimbledon 2001 - Day 7
Wimbledon 2001 - Day 9

And from 14 January 2002:
Goran and Grosjean Go the Distance - 14 January 2002

Australian Open - 14 January 2002

The last interview is also available in video format: Goran Interview - Australian Open - 14 January 2002 - Visual Interview

14 January 2002

1 new picture has been added to Gallery 6

12 January 2002

I have opened the Audio & Visual Interviews section of my site.

It can be found by clicking here and by clicking the 'downloads' button on the main page of the site

9 January 2002

3 new pictures have been added to Gallery 6

9 January 2002

1 new picture has been added to Gallery 6

8 January 2002

2 new pictures have been added to Gallery 6

5 January 2002

I've archived the site news for 2001 which means this page will load quicker.

I've also added 3 new articles. They are as follow's:

From 1992: Goran Wimbledon Champion In The Making?
From 2001: The Telegraph - 2001
Thanks to Jenny for both of them.

I've just finished typing up an interview with Tatjana and Goran which was in OK! Magazine this week. So the 2002 article section of Goran Online is now open!
You can read it here: OK! Magazine - 10 January 2002 - Issue 297.

It is accompanied by 10 pictures of the couple and I have added the pics to Gallery 6 as well.

2 January 2002

Added 2 new pictures to Gallery 6 which came in via the luckonline.net mailing list.

1 January 2002

Archived the December news.
Added a new picture to Gallery 6 of Goran during the Qatar Open today in Doha.