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Goran, you are a wonderful player that has entertained, provided humor to a humorless sport and inspired. Your win at Wimbledon gave me so much happiness and even though I was looking forward to seeing you there this year, I understand that helth must come first. I am sure that after your shoulder heals you will be the great player you always were. Thank you for so much enjoyment over the years and I am sure that I will enjoy watching you for years to come
Andrea Sanders

Dear Goran,
I am waiting for the same surgery myself and have no idea how you managed to play, let alone win Wimbledon. I hope your recovery is successful and we will see you back on the tour next year, with all my love
Diane Murray

We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers as you undergo the surgery.
you will always be our champion!
much love
Mary Anne Loughlin, USA

Good luck with the operation. I hope it goes really well, and I look forward to seeing you back in action in 2003.
I'll miss you on the opening day at Wimbledon - the final last year was the most exciting match I have ever seen - so glad I was there!
Emma Ryan (Brighton, England)

To Goran
I wish you a very successful surgery and good health very soon!!!
I hope you are well and back on the road to recovery in the very near future.
All the best to one of the very best Champions!!!!
Love, Peace & Happiness to you Always,

"Hi Wimbledon champion!
Sure that the surgery of your shoulder will be a success - u won't play tennis for 6 months but next season u will be at the top again: winning Wimbledon 2003 and of course breaking a lot of rackets :-) AJDE GORANE
Tanguy Morineau

The first tennis match I ever saw was you beating Boris Becker in the French Open in 1990, and you have been my favourite player ever since.
Seeing you win Wimbledon last year is one of my favourite memories, every year I hoped it would happen, and finally it did!! This year I had a chance to see you in the Liverpool tournament, but I had exams at the same time and couldn't go. I still haven't met you, but hope to one day!
I hope this surgery goes well - then you will be able to show them just what you can do when your shoulder isn't holding you back!! We all really want to see you playing again without pain. I for one will have my fingers crossed next Wednesday,

Dear Goran,
The surgery is gonna be a success and your shoulder will be firing aces again.
The Wimbledon's grass is waiting for the greatest Champion! See you back in action in 2003
Meanwhile, enjoy your soccer in the World Cup!
Carla, Lisbon - Portugal

Dear Goran:
You will be sorely missed this year at Wimbledon. We too looked forward to your walking out onto center court as the defending champion for we as well waited so long for the title we knew you would eventually receive. You have always been a Champion Humanitarian and I hope you will be back on the tour breaking rackets and entertaining us fans again very soon. Good Luck with the surgery. I wish you a rapid recovery and good health very soon!!! All the best to the best player!!! Thanks for so many happy memories and looking forward to many more,
Carol from NYC Home of the USOPEN

To Goran, The Greatest Wimbledon Champion!
I've always stood by you during the slumps in your career, I always believed in you and then as a compensation I got to see the entire Wimbledon you won!! Now I just pray for you operation to be successful and a quick recovery and hopefully we will see you a "new and improved" Goran back on the courts :)) Wishing you all the best for your tennis and otherwise. Cant wait to see you play again!
Munizeh Zuberi, Pakistan

The final at Wimbledon last year was the most amazing tennis match I have ever seen, worth every second of the night we camped outside in the queue.
I'll be there to cheer you on in 2003 - best of luck with the surgery.
Cathy Robinson, Brighton, UK

Hope you are better soon, and that you are able to defend your title in 2003! Having gone through surgery myself to repair my broken leg last year, the exercises can be pretty tough afterwards, but just hang in there and take one day at a time.

Dear Goran,
you are such a good player, a genius, really. I really enjoy watching you playing and entertaining all your fans. I think this decision about the surgery is the better thing to do. I am crossing my fingers here, I hope everything will be ok after the surgery and you come back to play as well you always played! I am waiting for your return! I wish you the best luck!!
Bruna, São Paulo, Brazil

I've been a fan of yours for about 10 years and I always knew you'd win a Grand Slam one day, but last years Wimbledon final was completely brilliant! I was walking around for days afterwards with a great big grin on my face, it was so brilliant! Wimbledon definetly won't be the same without you this year, but its really important that you sort out your shoulder now in order to play again, and I'm sure you'll be back again next year, and this time I'm aiming to come and watch you!!! I hope the surgery is a complete success, and enjoy your free time for the next few months!! Thanks for giving me so much inspiration and pleasure over the last 10 years.
Lots of love and best wishes
Sue Nakonecznyj

Goran I wish you all the best and good luck with your surgery. I hope we'll see you back at the tenniscourts soon... You are one of the most entertaining players and you really made watching tennis interesting... You are the best!!!
much love

Dear Wimbledon Champion.
Good luck with your surgery! I hope it will end well. Wimbledon will be diverent without you. Theire will be no semi-final and final like last year.
Hopefully we will see you next year, and I hope you will have the same succes as last year. Good luck!!!
Diantha van Eijsden

Dearest Goran,
Hello, genious, here's your fan from Argentina!!! As I got to know that you're going surgery next week, I'm sending this message to wish you all the best in the world and my wishes for a fast recovery. I will miss you at Wimbledon, but my hopes go that I can see you back in action in 2003!!! You're a great champion, you deserve the best, because you are the best, the absolute Number 1!!!!
Love ya!!!!
All my loving
Alejandra (Argentina)

Hi Goran:
I always have a great time watching you play. You possess such a character that is really entertaining and surprising at times. It's really a pity that you won't show up this year in Wimbledon, but I'm sure you can do it next year with healthy shoulders:) So keep on fighting and you sure will have another chance. Wish you a successful operation and speedy recovery & return.
Elsa Chen, Taiwan.

Goran do not worry. I know u will be back again next year even if u are 31. If Agassi can do it so can u. You are my idol, hero, God. So if u are God then u are capable of doing anything. Just concentrate on your comeback. You have to be back. We in India are all looking forward to your on & off court brilliance-especially those aces!!!!!!!!

Hi Goran!
I am really sorry that you won't be at Wimbledon this year, but hopefully you will be able to play for another ten years with your new shoulder!! Hope to see you back in Australia next January. All the best!
Kathy in Sydney xx

We wish you all the best, and remember you will always have us to support you! We love you!!
Shana, USA

Goran I hope you'll be well after the operation and win again in 2003.
I know you can recover in time for 2003 Wimbledon!
From your biggest fan,

My God Goran,
My God Goran, I wish you very good luck. I hope you get better soon, we all want to see you playing again. You gave me strenght and hope when I was ill, I hope you to have all the strenght you need for your surgery. My best wishes for you to recover soon. I will pray for you. Dvije srec'e grabi. If you have won Wimbledon, you sure will overcome this surgery! GORAN, JE NAJBOLJE !!!
ARIM (Argentina)
PS: I hope the stone Heart and the Hands will help you
Tvoia glazaba naveselije moja dusa

Dear Goran,
It will be difficult not to play the opening match at Wimbledon this year, but knowing that you will play without pain next year, makes it all better. This way, you can end your great career in a way you deserve, like a Champion. Take your time to recover well, and be back to give your best at the Davis Cup and Wimbledon next year!
Petra Leeflang, The Netherlands

Goran I wish you all the luck in the world in the forth coming months, hoping you have a healthly and speedy recovery and that we see you back in winning form soon!
Take Care,
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