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Full Version: He's alive!
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Hi everybody,

I'm so happy I finally found this page because the other Goran-site seems to be inactive since 2001. A few days ago I didn't even know Goran is still alive.
And now i read that he's a father and that he plays at the Champions Trophy...!
Who is Amber's mother? Is ist Daniela Mihalic? She was married to a football coach, wasn't she? Too much information...
I'm gonna watch Goran in Essen in two weeks...can't wait!
Hope to hear from you,

Hello and welcome :) Ambers mother is Tatjana Dragovic.

And yes Goran is alive and well...I heard him talking on the radio today about everything he is up to just now ;)

thanks your respond. Seems you're like one oft the most faithful fans on this site.
It was funny with Daniela Mihalovic because on the site of the Vienna senior tournament they had her as Goran's girlfriend and mother oft Amber and that was only a few days ago. But we know it better...
I hope Goran won't cancel the event in Essen because of Davis Cup and stuff because I think there won't be that much possibilities to see him live for me anymore...you never know. So...I'll be there!
What do you do? Where are you from? Have yoou seen Goran recently?

I'm from the UK...and this is my site ;) Nice to have you here :)
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